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Maize Silage Handbook

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Harvest time recommendation: Optimum for cattle: 6-8 mm
Optimum for biogas: 4-6 mm
n DM content of whole plants between 29 and 34 %
(theoretical chop length)
n Completed starch deposition in kernels
n High cob portion and easily digested vegetative parts
As a rule: The dryer the material, the shorter the chop length
n Maize is considered to be ready for ensiling when its dry matter

in kernels has reached 56-60 %
Compliance with these recommendations delivers:
n The target is silage with about 300 g starch and 40 g sugar
n Basis for optimal compaction (above 230 kg DM per m3 silage)
(depending on the intended silage ration) n Minimal energy losses during ensiling
tel madjid
Compliance with these harvest time recommendations delivers: 20 mm particle length)
n Optimal compaction characteristics n Improved digestibility (larger contact surface for ruminal
n Reduced susceptibility to heating and moulds


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